about us

The Space MKE is a creative studio and collective. We provide an affordable workspace for your photography, production, and small event needs.

Your go to incubation space in Milwaukee, with backdrops, softbox lighting, and props included. At only $50 per hour artists of all levels are free to create in The Space. Rent The Space for your own private studio experience on Saturday or Sunday!

Monday through Friday you can find the collective busy creating, and operating their separate businesses from The Space in a community co-working environment. Saturdays and Sundays are available to the public for private rental.

Make sure to follow us on IG and stay plugged in with the variety of community events we have for creatives. On any given day you can enter a Mural Giveaway or you could come to a Jam session for local instrumentalists.

The Space MKE is an incubation safe space for creatives in the Milwaukee area. We're a proud black owned business, and we're woman lead. Alyssa Neff, the owner realized that after college it became difficult to collaborate and network with a variety of creatives. The Space MKE looks to fill that void.

2018 South 1st street Suite 510
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207


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