Alyssa Neff

Owner | Creative Operations Director & Fashion Designer


Like most artists I study and practice a variety of artforms. My main disciplines are fashion design, and creative operations. I know that now, but after graduating SCAD in 2016, I really struggled to find my calling. Over the course of the past 6 years I've tried on a multitude of artistic disciplines which vary from face-painting and being a seamstress, to the coordination and funding of a 3-day multimedia art festival, The Offbeat Art Experience. Only after going through these experiences did I realize giving budding artists the space to create and be celebrated was where I find the most joy. In June of 2019 I opened The Space MKE an affordable studio for your photography, production, and small event needs.

While it has been an honor to supply Milwaukee artists with the space, I now need some space of my own. Over the course of the next year and a half I'll be an artistic nomad while I await the development of the new building we'll be expanding to! Follow me on my journey to stay in touch.

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