Annia Leonard

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Photographer &  Film Maker

Annia Leonard (they/she) is a queer femme from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At 26 years old, they are the proud owner of Cocoa Ketur LLC, a business to support Annia’s passions for coordinating events, creating beautiful pieces of art and highlighting the spirituality of their journey. Best believe they are living their best life working their dream jobs as a writer, teacher, artist, dominatrix and so much more.  For the past two years, they have worked on creating sustainable relationships to  build alternative housing, raising awareness for gender based violence, sustainable food resources & a welcoming spiritual community for QTNB & BIPOC individuals through work with Priceless Incite, Brave Green Wave Trybe & MKE Good Food Bus. With support from their mother, they released a lifelong passion in the form of Enchanted Werk, a crystal & artisan shop housed in The Space MKE.