Josh Morris

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Photographer &  Film Maker

Hey what’s up? My name is Josh, and I’m from the beautiful city of Milwaukee. I studied creative writing and film and media studies at Arizona State University and graduated in the spring of 2017. Most of my studies were targeted towards screenwriting for television and feature films. 


My initial introduction to being behind the camera was five years ago when I joined the United States Army as a photojournalist. Though in the world of military photography & videography there isn’t much room to practice creativity, I did have a lot of time to learn about cameras and more specifically creating moments. 


I guess that brings us to what I’m most passionate about, which is creating moments that connect with people. I have found that I get so much joy from creating moments for people that last. It’s why I studied film in college, and it’s why I make photos and videos; to you give you something to connect with for years to come.